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Hello and thank you for your interest in submitting info for our Global Talent Search! Our goal for this Talent Search is to find those acts who have set themselves up with the ability to get good video of live performances or be able to LIVE STREAM from remote locations, with the ability to interact with high-quality output.


We will be reviewing all submissions and pre-qualifying talent to include in our Virtual Entertainment Catalog. We will use this catalog to submit options to our clients, who are hosting Virtual meetings and Webinars. It important to us that we have the best quality promotional materials to support and showcase your talent, so we have included some suggestions below.




  • CREATIVE: We are looking for videos that show you in a LIVE performance setting, that appears to be a virtual performance from home or other more personal setting. Be authentic.  Our viewers want to know the person behind the act.   Please DO NOT send us produced promotional videos!


  • ATTIRE: Please make sure you are dressed in a professional manner for corporate events. You do not need to be “Show” dressed, just something that showcases you in a positive way.

  • VIDEO:  We are open to all forms of videos. From mobile phones to webcam, etc. No matter the camera, please make sure the quality, represents you well. The length of the video should not be more than 2 minutes. Post-production on the video/audio is ok, if it does not alter the genuine “live” quality of the act.

  • AUDIO SEND: For musicians and bands, we are looking for the best AUDIO send you can get into your video source. It doesn’t have to be studio quality, but it should be good enough quality to showcase your talent in a positive way.

  • VIDEO LINK(s): Please include url links to your videos on Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc... If you do not have them in that format and need to upload it to us, you can do that here: or please send us an email and we can assist with this. We prefer .mp4 or .mov files please. Please make sure any files have your NAME so we know it’s you.


    • Videos must be recorded during the COVID-19, shelter in place era or after March 15, 2020•    

    • Do not use auto-tune apps like Smule or StarMaker or other.  We are looking for raw talent

    • Do not submit a highly edited video, sizzle reel, or video with highly processed vocals

    • Do not submit videos with special effects that do not directly pertain to the function of the act



NOTE: Please be sure to follow all of your local government regulations, if any, relating to

the coronavirus disease, Covid-19, when preparing and submitting any audition materials.